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Extrusion Capabilities

Thermoplastic Extrusion

Belmont Plastics is a premier Thermoplastic Extrusion company aimed at our Customers solutions. Our dedicated engineers find solutions to your plastics extrusion demands by identifying the application and then combining your input with design to create the product you desire.

Turnkey Custom Projects

We strive to achieve full communication with your engineers so that your project is fully understood. Our tooling partners are experts at providing quality results, and our in-line services, manufacturing experience, materials and overall commitment to quality create parts in even the most complex of plastic extrusion processes.

Specializing in Custom Plastic Profile Extrusion

  • Serving many diverse markets.
  • Specializing in ‘best for application’ Thermoplastic materials.
  • Brings innovative design and cost effective solutions.
  • Supplying superior quality components, on time, at a competitive cost.

Belmont Plastic Solutions specializes in custom engineered plastic extrusion manufacturing meeting and exceeding your products exacting demands for excellence.

Our quality products are designed by skilled engineers with a combined 44+ years of experience.

John and Greg thrive on providing a personal, hands on approach to create solutions to your complex applications in the Recreational Vehicle, Automotive, Food Processing, Large Truck, Marine, Appliance and Agricultural markets.

By specializing in custom plastic profile extrusion, it is our goal to help you create the perfection of your part that your product requires.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Extruder

Belmont Plastics has achieved ISO 9001:2015 Certification. Our quality management system was accepted with a broad scope including Automotive, Construction, Medical, Transportation, Recreational Vehicle, Appliance, Food Service, Heating, Energy, Air Conditioning and Agricultural.