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Product Realization Stages

Customer Interface

  1. Concept Development
  2. Material Design & Development
  3. Engineering Estimates
  4. Prototypes
  5. Product Design Assistance
  6. Quotation
  7. Process Development
  8. Program Management

Realization Techniques

  • Advanced product quality planning
  • Production part approval process
  • Value Analysis/Value Engineering
  • Kaizen
  • Cost Improvement
  • Quality Improvement

Premiere custom extruder!

We specialize in providing high quality, precisely engineered, customer-specific plastic extrusion products. We serve small, medium and large-sized OEMs in a wide variety of industries.

Our extrusion lines are monitored with state of the art systems that allow us to better control our processes ensuring stability while monitoring in real-time the shape and surface quality of the extrusion. Our processing equipment performs finishing operations as automated in-line processes, taking the product straight from the extrusion line to packaging for excellent product lead times in our highly efficient production process.

Secondary Capabilities

  • Combined 44+ years of Thermoplastic extrusion design/processing experience implementing prototype to production solutions.
  • Extrusion tooling design & building.
  • Specialized, innovative extrusion and Secondary finishing design/practices aimed at economic costs: tooling, process and components.
  • Superior understanding of Thermoplastic Materials.