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Tri Extrusion

This is a Tri Extrusion with Polypropylene TPV and a Slip Coat (Extruded on low friction coating)

Part design and material selection creates a mechanical snap fit with high extraction force.

Tubing Extrusion

The tubing we extrude is used in:

  • Industrial hose
  • Flexible pipe
  • Automotive tubing
  • Tight tolerance tubing
  • Polyethylene tubing
  • Custom tubing

Pipe Extrusion

Pipe is created as plastics are extruded through a round shaping die, cooled in a water bath & either cut or coiled. The profile we extrude (typically PVC or high-density polyethylene) is used in Polyethylene pipe and Custom pipe

Materials used in Tubing and Pipe Extrusion

  • PET
  • PVC- Flexible and Ridge
  • Co-Polyester( Hytrel ™)
  • TPV- Dense and Foam
  • TPE( SEBS and TPV’s Kryton ™, Santoprene ™
  • Polypropylene( Filled and Non Filled)
  • LDPE
  • TPO
  • Nylon
  • ABS

PVC Vacuum tube

Hose, Pipe & Straw Tubing

Profile Extrusion

The profile we extrude (with a variety of materials, based on customer requirements) is used in:

  • Building profiles
  • Custom profiles
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Siding

Clear PVC

Our range of pipe, profile and tubing extruder technologies can help you achieve performance results you require. Our continuous improvement in our extruders, controls, feed screws and process support has given us advantages in profile extrusion.